For the 2016 season we would like to say a huge thank you to Bristol Street Motors for their continued support

After a winter rebuild

with modified suspension and new paintwork the vehicle is ready to go into another gruelling season of offroad competition…

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The Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship

Cross Country Motorsport is the correct way to describe our activities. This phrase has been adopted by our governing body in an effort to differentiate between ourselves and other off road activities.

For many who have not attended our events the erroneous vision is one of winches, chains and landrovers up to their sills, or worse, in mud.

Nothing could be further from the truth.....

Our top competitors drive vehicles which are in the same price and performance class of WRC cars. They achieve similar speeds and are equally spectacular to watch.

Imagine a forest stage rally with sections where the competitor leaves the gravel track and cuts through a fire break or cuts across the moor to another track and you can understand the appeal that many have for this type of sport.

As in forest stage rallies, it is easy to join in without obtaining an overdraft.

Bristol Street Motors renews support for talented motorsport driver