BCCC Round 2 Ebbw Vale May 10-11  2014

The wettest, windiest weekend bought with it conditions that were more akin to “bog racing” but the car coped pretty well. We seem to have got on top of the heat issues and with a new engine since the 1st round we managed a 7th place overall

BCCC Round 1 Pikes Peak April 12-13  2014

After a substantial rebuild over the winter, the car now has more room internally, overhauled suspension, better visibility and different bodywork. Unfortunately it also now has a blown head gasket which limited us to three slow runs and an early retirement to save completely ruining the engine!! Oh well, roll on May….

BCCC Round 3 Forrest Estate June 7-8  2014

After a maximum time on the first run with electrical problems we were never going to achieve a great finish, but although we had a broken driveshaft on one run and a broken alternator belt on another, we did manage to finish with some respectable run times over the weekend.

BCCC Round 4 Radnor Forest July 26-27  2014

Saturday was very hot and dry for the most part and all but the last run were decent, although with a few gearbox issues. Starter motor and fuel pump failure meant a max on the last run. Sunday saw better times but problems with water loss meant another max to finish the day.

BCCC Round 5 Bovington September 13-14  2014

On one of the best courses we have competed, we were lying in 5th place overnight on Saturday after good times throughout the day. Sunday started well but electrical problems brought about an early end to our fun after run 5...

BCCC Round 1   Myherin   April  10-11  2015

BCCC Round 2   Radnor  May  9-10   2015

BCCC Round 4   Hafren  July 25 - 26   2015

BCCC Round 5   Bovington  September  12-13   2015

BCCC Round 6   Walters Arena  October  24-25   2015

BCCC Round 1   Myherin  April 9-10   2016

BCCC Round 2   Bovington North  May 7-8   2016

BCCC Round 4   Ceri  July 23-24   2016